Pair of Vintage Old School Fru
*Guinzo wings on Custom fonts
*add A-Z hack s60v3 on 320x240 app
*add pdf+ on n-gage and s60v1 app

*custom font on main menu
*ice cream font.gdr

*3rd project on N-Gage 1st gen
*profimail(profiexplorer),p-keypop(font switcher)@ngage &s60v1 app
*smiley section on main page and ad smiley fire

*earthquake info on aio news
*added n-gage tutorial modem n slick on AIO news
*added sysicon on s60v1 app

*add evade,webbed ball,gamble,snake n tetris in s60v1 game

@buble,grow vegetable,Forest Wizard v2.0,Kidnapping earth, evolution of fish,three bubles,You giggle monkey LOVE on ngage &s60v1 game
*answer henzo n-gage headset on H&R
*added Luna M-kuberharap.mp3 on miusic & lyric

*remove guestbook
*add new section miusic and lyric
*add touchholic on miusic and lyric
*add custom icon on iconzpack by eddyyuâ„¢
*add opera n slick custom icon

*Added fixs on Ngage & S60V1 app
*Added VPOOL on Ngage & S60V1 game
*Added crazy penguin catapult on E-series(320x240)game
*added F-ExplorE on Ngage & S60V1 app
*added E-series(320x240) app
*added E-series(320x240) game
*added screensanp on E-series(320x240) app
*added california gold rush on E-series(320x240) game
*added X-Plore 1.22 Never Expired on Ngage & S60V1 app

*added new section n-gage & s60v1 game
*added yoyo & cici on game section
*N-lights added on ngage & s60v1 app
*N-gagE exclusive wallpaper added on mainpage
Slick & tutorial how to use it added on ngage & s60v1 app. Contact me if you face any difficulty
*ucweb added on ngage & s60v1 app
*custom clock added on ngage & s60v1 app
*ngage & s60v1 support app added on mainpage
*font tutorial added
*Answer for H&R menu added on mainpage
*Ngage & S60V1 app added on mainpage
*keylocker added on Ngage & S60V1 app
*S60V1 wallpaper & logo blending added on main page
*alienware,warcraft3,mp5k pdw
* born
*iconzpack for s60v1(n-gage)added on mainpage
*alienware, dotA item, folder custom, gunbound, onionz, piratez, smiley,vista, WoW, Xp