Old school Easter eggs.

2019-11-20 11:50
for dobo 2.03 products install it 1 by 1 and install it again with dobo application on second tab check below link for complete tutorial

Rename to tetris.sis
it's like ordinary tetris game..but it's smooth and good animation..should try it
(sis) snake+
Rename to snake.sis
fast but addictive snake game..with cool sound..ut try it
(sis)dobo gamble
Rename to gamble.sis
this is simple game(gambling)i like this game coz the sound is cool and the appreance is cool but 1 problem.it's stuck audio server when you want to close this game...
(sis)webbed ball
Webed ball
Rename to webbed.sis
have you try playing happy lines?it's matching 5 same colour in the horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines. Who loves happy lines will love this game too
Rename to evade.sis
u only need to navigate the wicth to avoid every obstacle, and reach high score
(sis)You giggle monkey LOVE
You giggle monkey LOVE
Rename to yoci2.sis
In the game, players are basically only need to be able to operate a button. Interface in the game, you have to choose the long or hee hee manipulation in the bottom of the screen to launch a red machine, the purpose of appearing in the sky??various gift box. Transmitter fired arrows indicate a direction, the arrow is constantly swinging. Players only need to press at an appropriate time to launch OK Red, red box will be able to hit as soon as received awards. Of course, no award will be able to get that simple, and also need to be red transmitter back bit by bit, pulled the scores will get the ground.
(sis)three bubles
Three buble
Rename to threee.sis
Follow-up as a generation of classic products, "The Three Bubble II" is not just a continuation of the game before feeling refreshed, beautiful screen, excellent performance and smooth setting, but also in all respects greatly enhanced, it can be said is everywhere Highlights
(sis)Kidnapping earth
Kidnaping earth
Rename to kidnaping.sis
Game players need to play "evil" aliens, through the transmitter to the kidnapping of the spacecraft back to Earth to wait for research. The title of the game screen is an alien driving a spaceship in the grasp of the people below. The following expression of poor people and very funny appearance, dressed as frogs, monkeys, robots, etc., you games that we should pay attention to them, do not be fooled by their expression of the heart rather than catching pyronaridine.
(sis)Forest Wizard v2.0
Forest wizard
Rename to forest.sis
The "goblin forest", each and every one familiar with the S60 mobile phone game players are familiar with, as No. 2 on behalf of the "spirit forest" is also disappointed not to allow players. Although the 2-generation, but the "spirit forest" to the players once again the impact of a new, whether it is super-shock effect of the multi-reel, or the game's authorities and the treasure of randomization, compared with the generation of a qualitative leap forward. "Spirit forest" to support the double battle! Can invite friends where competition is fun.
(sis)chick grow vegetable
Grow vegetable
rename to chick.sis
Tang plans first operating out of the ordinary type of mobile gaming performance. It tells the story of a beautiful kind-hearted girl, to the market to purchase a variety of vegetable seeds, sown in the garden. After hard weeding, watering, fertilization, and finally harvest vegetables. Girl in the market to sell them and use the proceeds to be to continue to operate her garden. Random events and the game's playability higher.
Rename to buble.sis
The same color bubbles together will be able to score, the simple and fun!
Rename to vp.zip
3d pool game..the only uncomfort is landscape mode..but overall it's awesome game.
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(sis) yoyo & cici
Change to yoci.sis
very nice game(for me :p),throw and pull type of game.full animated game,very easy game even you can play it while brush your teeth